Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Poetry Marathon Day 2: State Champs 4x400

State Champs 4x400

She runs down the track,

Never glancing back.

My cousin

She flies like a bird,

Beating the rest of the herd.

My cousin

The track urges her on.

All else is gone.

My cousin

Suddenly a gasp arises from the crowd.

A girl appears. A neck to neck race is found.

My cousin

She runs on the inside,

But the other girl doesn’t fall behind.

My cousin

The finish line is growing near.

The race is so close. We all have fear.

My cousin

She thrusts her front out,

But we are still in doubt.

My cousin

She passes the line.

Who was behind?

My cousin?

It’s too close to call.

Time seems to crawl.

My cousin?

We don’t want the worst,

But did her feet pass first?

My cousin?

Cheers for her start to rise,

For there are no lies.

Her speed was the best.

She had helped her relay team beat the rest.

My cousin

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