Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Poetry Marathon Day 1: Puppet Master

Puppet Master

I am walking alone

By myself

With no one else

But myself

A great darkness comes around me

Covering me

Surrounding me

Flowing over me

The darkness pulls me

Yanks me

Grabs my power

Takes my power

Then the darkness pulls me



Yet more smoothly

I find strength in me

From deep inside

Down in me

In my heart

I start to turn

The darkness

It moves too

With me

I gather up all of my strength

Rein in the darkness

Knock it to the ground

Win the battle

The darkness tries to get back up

But I jump

And land

The darkness falls

I stand alone

But realize

Something new

Something amazing

The darkness is

My puppet

My control

My problems

But I am

In control

In charge

The puppet master

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